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Modules for surfaces

A high-impact wall-covering.

Through the reflection of natural or artificial light, the surface takes life. Three-dimension and motion are added to the location. Simple or complex shapes, different grade and depth create a luxurious effect that shows through technology and progression. These modules are the perfect solution to covering walls, flats, counters, receptions… every vertical surface that becomes the key point of a setting.

Custom Solutions

Our modules are at the centre of our incessant development and design. Every module can be duplicated in different and unlimited sizes.

Every geometrical shape can become a new module. Every module can be manufactured with infinite finishing. Every different project can allow a lot of combinations and configurations. Every covered surface can be unique and countlessly repeated. The modules we have showed you here are just few examples of the countless projects we can achieve with our design. We can plan and design together to obtain your personal and unique covering effect.

Image module
Image module

Contract & Stores

A simple and repeated shape can be the distinguishing feature of a brand, making it recognisable in every part of the world.

Our modular covering solutions are particularly suitable for shops, Prestigious headquarters and offices, clubs, hotels…

The superficial finishing of our modules can be easily cleaned and suitable also for high-flow areas.


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